The Wall was built and NO ONE cared

“KEEP OUT” Mexicans

Even if you’re just trying to attend church

A funny thing happened a while back. A wave of anti-immigration began to take over the U.S. which then swept over pretty much the entire Hispanic community; after all it’s not like you can look at someone from that community and know whether they are here legally or not.

Trump began running for president and talks of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico really took on new emphasis – it became one of his primary platforms. He won and suddenly BUILD THE WALL was not just idle talk but a very real idea taking shape as bids and architecture plans became batted around.

People were outraged, whole communities threatened to violate federal laws and protect the Hispanic community from these perceived threats. Politicians and celebrities jumped into the fray with a promise of throwing all their money and weight into stopping this agenda. Sanctuary cities started popping up left and right as chants to BUILD THE WALL grew louder, almost deafening.

Then a wall was built in the Mexican community as their church was stolen from them and no one cared. There were no protests. There were no politicians and celebrities demanding protections for the community. There is no huge fund filled with millions of dollars pouring in to save them. No sanctuary as ironically the one place that is supposed to be a sanctuary was turned into a prison; a promise of what is to come for those so many promised to protect. BUILD THE WALL became a reality of chain link and Keep Out signs – just like the threats that have been coming towards the Hispanic Community – Keep Out of America! Now they’re not even wanted in a Catholic Church.

Maybe people don’t care because it’s ‘just’ a church. Sure there are plenty of churches around – this IS Texas where you can’t throw a penny without hitting one. The people can go to others so who cares if they have to drive a little further or can’t walk anymore to a place they and their family members have been going to for generations. Who cares if instead of having a whole church and community that shares their culture and language they’re now relegated to one mass in someone else’s church, someone else’s community. They’re now back to being a minority subset in a group that is comprised mostly of English speakers who are patting themselves on the back for showing Christian charity by allowing those people to have a Spanish-speaking mass at their church.

Allegedly these innocent people had everything taken from them because St. Patrick’s Cathedral downtown –  home of the Catholic 1% of Dallas-Fort Worth, Tx – is in severe debt and selling San Mateo will ease that debt. I personally am shocked that a group of wealthy people were allowed to take from a small group of poor Hispanic people in order to make the 1% have an easier life – I mean that kind of thing just doesn’t happen in the U.S.!

It will be small acts like this that push the Hispanic community out, not some expensive never will actually be built dream wall Trump goes on about because actions speak louder than words – Trump is all words, the Catholic Church is all action. After all who is going to care if a bunch of poor Mexican people have their church, property, money & everything else taken away so the rich people can have their showplace cathedral downtown?

That would be the problem, the wall got built and no one cared.

A Facebook Group exists for those who care enough to help take that wall down:

Save San Mateo

Disclosure: My husband is Hispanic, I have 2 daughters who are half-Hispanic and I’m an Irish Catholic


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