Heartbreaking when women attack one another

I had been stalking AMC’s site so I could buy tickets ASAP and I was lucky enough to be the first one to purchase tickets for my 2 daughters and I which didn’t go on sale until Tuesday of this week for the Friday regular showings.

Unfortunately a lady decided to buy tickets for her and someone else RIGHT NEXT to us, in what was then a completely empty theater except for us. I know because I went back at a later day to buy another ticket for someone who wanted me to check to see if the seat next to me was still open. Of course at the time I didn’t know who had bought the seat next to me.

The elderly woman and her companion showed up after the lights were off and the movie was almost starting then proceeded to complain about her bathroom needs and being uncomfortable off and on for quite some time. She constantly moved in her seat, bumped me since we were sitting in one of those ‘shared’ seats and she kept moving the armrest between us. I said nothing even though her behavior as well as listening to her talk about her urination needs was annoying because seriously who wants to touch that subject?

Once Diana began appearing in her adult years and showing off her skills the girls got excited and began cheering her on – that elderly woman actually had the nerve to begin verbally abusing the girls and I telling me to “shut them up or she will”.

I told her to leave us alone and be quiet because honestly I was (1) shocked anyone would have a problem with girls enjoying a girl power centered movie and (2) that she thought she could tell us off for making  noise after what I had to endure from her.

She began raising her voice and told me “This movie is rated PG, as in parental guidance, so either you use guidance or I will.”

I again told her to leave us alone, that I had bought these seats first and if she hadn’t wanted to sit next to people she should’ve bought different seats. She tried to claim she had hers first and bought them a week ago. At this point her companion yanked on her, pulled her in to whisper something in her ear which must’ve been her pointing out that wasn’t true because then the angry woman switched tactics and said “It doesn’t matter who bought tickets first I need you to shut the girls up or I will.”

I again told her to leave us alone and to stop physically threatening us. She responded with “I’m going to get the manager if you don’t shut them up.” Mind you by now, my kids are shaking in fear and completely silent. The ONLY ONE making noise in this theater is her – and yes me too in trying to defend myself and my kids from threats of violence. I told her to please do so because I’d also like the police called to report her threats and verbal abuse. At that point she shut up and left us alone the rest of the movie.

I’m still in a state of shock that after all the controversy over the women only showings it wasn’t a man who caused a horrible scene for us it was a woman. We went to a showing first thing on a Friday morning; not late at night when it’s the typical ‘date night’ time. My kids know how to behave in a theater but still when they get excited they show it like cheering Diana on, saying how cool something was, etc. They don’t chatter throughout the movie, make messes, talk about their bathroom needs, or whatever else.

There wasn’t anything in this movie that was inappropriate for them AND it was a comic character centered movie so of course kids are going to go see this. Even more so it’s a groundbreaking movie we as women need and should be allowed to share the experience with our daughters.

Maybe AMC needs to have showings that are only for people who don’t like kids or say if you’re above a certain age the movie isn’t recommended for you.



Image From: http://wonderwomanfilm.com/


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