I’m a mom and wife, a daughter and sister, an Irish-Catholic and a runner. I have my degree in Psychology. I have Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome and an auto-immune disorder. I’ve traveled enough to know there’s no place like home. I love cooking much to my husband’s happiness since I’m constantly trying new things.

I have two daughters who were diagnosed with Autism so I decided to switch careers to be a “PTA mom”.

I’m the co-leader for a chapter of Mothers Run This Town. It’s important to me that I’m a good role model for my daughters so they see how important exercise and eating healthy can be.

I’m admittedly a Starbucks addict though except when it comes to hot chocolate. NOTHING beats what QT has to offer.

I recently started a Facebook page to combat online social bullying after being stalked and harassed. It is my intent on that page to turn something negative from my life into a force for good, as a way to combat the intense fear and anxiety I have developed thanks to that individual. You can find it here:

Tara the Troll