I’m a mom and wife, a daughter and sister, an Irish-Catholic and a runner. I have my degree in Psychology. I have Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome and an auto-immune disorder. I’ve traveled enough to know there’s no place like home. I love cooking much to my husband’s happiness since I’m constantly trying new things.

I have two Autistic daughters and my husband is Autistic making me the only Neurotypical in our home – it is NEVER boring around here!

I’m the leader for the North Texas Moms Run This Town Chapter. It’s important to me that I’m a good role model for my daughters so they see how important exercise and eating healthy can be.

I’m a Non-Profit Director for a community-based group to help act as a liaison between the residents and the city as well as the school district while offering mental health support to fellow moms.

I began teaching Mental Health at the Secondary level in my local school district due to the heavy damage covid had done to my community.

I’m an admitted tech addict and recently began taking every Google and IBM course possible to de-stress from life.


I recently got admitted to Abilene Christian University to start my Masters Program and I could not be more excited to become a WILDCAT!

I started a Facebook page to combat online social bullying after being stalked, harassed and violently threatened to the point they doxxed my private information along with my family. It is my intent on that page to turn something negative from my life into a force for good, as a way to combat the intense fear and anxiety I have developed thanks to that individual. You can find it here:

Tara the Troll