Time to Declare War on Religion

Since the beginning of time, as far as we know, humans have been a spiritual lot. Before the advent of science, and even after, humanity needed a way to explain the world around them. When and where to plant crops. The changing of the seasons. Life, death and after. How to treat people.

That last one….how to treat people really should be defined as how to subjugate people. Religion has been used as the reason why to hate someone based on skin color, what part of the world they were born in, who they were born to and just because a reason was needed to take their property, family and/or their life.

It’s not supposed to be that way. The Big 3 (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) all have tenets of peace and goodwill built into their foundations. Yet millions of people have had their lives destroyed by at least one of those 3. Maybe it’s time to fight back and declare war on them before they wipe everyone off the planet.

Christians used the Crusades to murder close to 3 million people depending on whose research you read. Jihads committed under the Islamic banner have, and continue as recently as this week in Manchester, to kill millions more. The Inquisition through the Catholic Church killed a few thousand. The Ku Klux Klan have managed to use their Bible based beliefs to commit murder. The Muslim Conquests affected people across half the globe. Christians used their beliefs to destroy Native Americans in the States. The Armenian Genocide took out another million plus. Protestants and Catholics have been taking each other out for so long there’s no way to get an accurate body count especially as the various acts have taken place in politically charged arenas such as Ireland and France. Serbians versus Croatians. Ethnic cleansing of Hindus.

I could go on but it just keeps getting depressing.

Now we’re in the 21st century where science, logic and reason should prevail but we’re still fighting ‘Holy’ Wars. Christians in the States believe war has been declared on them because laws have been passed to require access to birth control and those in the LGBTQ community were given the right to marriage. I’m not even going to touch the issues between Judaism and Islam since that war has been going on so long I wonder if they even remember how it truly started. Those in the Islamic faith believe the whole world has declared war on them but in all fairness it kind of has since 9/11.

Despite the beliefs of the people who claim to be one of the Big 3, there has been no public and global wide declaration that their beliefs are illegal or their way of life has to stop at least within reason. Heterosexual Christians are not being forced to marry someone of the same sex or use birth control but they must allow others who do not share their beliefs to do so. I’m not even going to attempt to offer a working solution for Israel because my family is from Ireland and we still don’t have our country united so it’d be hypocritical of me to tell them how to unite their people. I would tell those in the Muslim faith to stop bombing people so they’d be left alone but again it’d be hypocritical considering my family history and I live in the States which keeps selling them those bombs so not going to wade into that one either.

In fairness to religion, people have openly murdered too for political reasons and not out of any loyalty to a faith system. I highly doubt anyone can reasonably argue Hitler killed millions of Jews out of some loyalty to a god. England committed genocide against the Irish for hundreds of years for political reasons and used religious ones as a scapegoat. Egypt did the same thing with the Hebrew people.

Eventually it all starts to melt together. Did someone really murder because they think their god told them to or because it’s easier to say that than admit the killer is a psychopath who gets off on doing it while being hailed as a hero by fellow ‘believers’? What country is going to readily admit they engaged in a war to steal property and people for their own economic interests when they can say god told them to and justify their actions?

Let’s say we declare war on religion. Do you really think outlawing Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc is going to make the killings and bombings stop?


Maybe people would be more honest about why they’re doing it but it’s not going to stop.


Image From: https://pixabay.com/p-1621551/?no_redirect


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